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If I was you, I wouldn't be me.

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29 December 1987
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Hello there!
One question. Why are you here?
This journal is updating on a very rare occasions because LJ pages are loading for far to long for my liking. And I'm Russian so my English is pretty bad. I think that I've already done several stupid mistakes in grammar.
I use this account only to read journals of english-speaking people.
If you deside to add me as a friend so that I would friend you back, you would be very disapointed. So you must know that.
If you came here for help, for example, you need help with russian language - translate something from english to russian or vice versa, I can help, if it's not too long.
Also, I'm spending almost all of my time in the internet, so you can come to me at any time. Though I prefer to sleep at night. My timezone is +4.
If you're Russian, than you may prefer to go to my @diary, because I'm updating it daily: http://www.diary.ru/~Pristanische/ .

So. I'm Russian. My name is Ksenija.
I'm 21 years old, was born in Kiev, Ukraine but at this moment I live in Samara, Russia.
My English is self-educated (self-studied?). It took me 4 years of constant reading manga and fanfiction in english to learn language to this level. Not very hight, but far better than 70% of Russian people's level. I also have an elementary knowledge of French and am about to try self-studing Japaness.
I'm student of the Academy or if you prefer University. My future profession is an accountant. I hate it, but I've already studied it for three and half years and have only year and half to go, so I don't want to drop it (this and my parents would kill me if I try to do that).
My nickname is Poruchik Potter because 1) I love Harry; 2) Poruchik is a very popular fiction character in Russia, and is a main character in great deal of anecdotes. He is a military man who is known for using foul language and vulgarizing everything. My friends are saying that my nickname is matching my personality.

Feel free to add me as a friend, if you want, but I'm not guarantee that you wouldn't be bored to death of my silence in here.
Thanks for your time,
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Social capital

  • less than 10